Consider Your Neighbor’s Character and Motives (Rule #2)


“If any have offended thee…second, consider what kind of men they are at table, in bed, and so forth: and particularly, under what compulsions in respect of opinions they are; and as to their acts, consider with what pride they do what they do.”  Marcus Aurelius Book 11

Nobody’s perfect.  Some are less perfect than others.  Again, my goal as a Stoic is to be above the fray.  Continue reading

Nine Rules From Marcus Aurelius


“Remember these nine rules, as if thou hadst received them as a gift from the Muses, and begin at last to be a man while thou livest.” –Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Book 11

In The Meditations, Book 11, I came upon nine rules that Marcus Aurelius advised himself to follow.  I found them to be thoughtful and helpful, in pondering “how to live.”  Not really anything fundamental, but some things to think about.

Here’s the first of the nine: Continue reading