Two “Me’s”


At a minimum, there are two “me’s.” First there is the one that just wants stay on my plot of land, no matter how small. Then there is the other one that wants to adventure to parts unknown.  There’s the me that lives in the now wrestling with the me that dreams of future adventures.  There’s the me that wants to rest on my laurels, and then there is the me that wants to achieve the next conquest (a new business, a new skill, a championship).

There is an internal tension here. Each of these “me’s” is trying to win out. Adventure me says, “I’m the real you!” Domestic me says, “Oh no, this is who you are.”

You Can Be Rich…Instantly!


There are two ways to be rich.

The first and usual chosen path is to work hard, create value for your neighbor, and let them pay you for your craft, talents or your product. As you gain more and more certificates of achievement (in other words, money), you can use these chits to trade for things you need and want. Eventually, you hope, that bucket of needs and wants will fill adequately…then, you will be rich.

Air! Wonderful!

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Introducing Jiddu Krishnamurti…Finally!


A lot of what I share is simply so that I can hear it again rephrased so I can understand it. Actually most of it, really. But I share also to bring you along with me in my quest for the good life. Without introduction, I’ve often shared the words and thoughts of Jiddu Krishnamurti. His words are just simply too concise and thought-provoking not to share with the philosophical journeyman. I give no apology for not introducing Jiddu Krishnamurti the man, before I’ve introduced his thoughts, since his logic stands on its own. However, I have been meaning to do a little background.

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Purpose and Pleasure


horse-1617859_1280“Everything exists for some end, a horse, a vine. Why do you wonder? Even the sun will say, I am for some purpose, and the rest of the gods will say the same. For what purpose then are you? To enjoy pleasure? See if common sense allows this.”

Marcus Aurelius — Meditations Book 8

Why not post after, oh, about a year…or more really? Today, I really need it so here goes.

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