I have no degree in philosophy.  I am not credentialed as a psychologist, an economist, or a political scientist.  I make no claim as guru, monk, or priest, nor do I claim to be an authority on anything.  I am not a certified nutritionist.  I am not a certified personal trainer.  I have no self-help credentials, whatsoever. I claim to be an expert in nothing.

Arguably, I have led successful organizations.  I have loved and parented my children.  I have loved and served my wife.  I hold an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree.  I have lived my life fully and I love the pursuit of knowledge, excellence and the good.  I try to live by my creed as much as possible.

You have a brain with rational thought and the absolute power to examine what I say, what I share, or what I claim is true.  You can decide for yourself whether it is helpful in living your life.  Whether you accept or reject my examinations, ruminations, or advice is entirely your own decision.

Good luck and do well!

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