An End to War…World Peace is Possible!


I want to fix the world, it’s really messed up.  Sometimes I think I can.  A lot of people do.  A special class of people who think they can fix everybody’s problems pretty much all the time, are the politicians.  They think that they can make the world a better place by compelling others to fit their view of the perfect world.  I suppose there will always be those who think that not only do they know better, but they can force people to accept their view.  These people are annoying when I meet them, but they are dangerous when they have power (like those in the government).

You will agree with me, I will make you!

But that’s not me.  I DO know better (just ask me), but I reject the notion that I can force any individual to think the way I think.  In fact, this is a fundamental belief that I have:  that I have no right to compel any person to think, do, or not do anything, as long as they are not interfering with another person’s life, liberty, or property.

A few days ago, I posted a short quote from a Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hahn, about how the roots of war are within us each individually.  You can read it here.  I’ll admit, I purposely posted it to foreshadow this post.  I already had a general idea of what I wanted to share about how the individual mind is where the “seeds” of peace are planted.  Just like Thich Nhat Hahn, I feel that peace is best won by changing the individual, not the masses.  Moreover, that change is a result of persuasion and then introspection, not coercion.  That’s the way I share here.  I throw some seeds out to you, and if you can see the logic, then the seeds germinate into an idea or some enlightenment.

So here’s the seed I’m throwing today.  If an individual can be at peace with herself, then she has peace in her own world.  You see, peace is in your own thought, in your view of life.  If more and more people find tranquility for themselves, less conflict will occur among groups of people.

World Peace…One Post at a Time (Get it?)

So, I guess that’s my goal; lead one person at a time to tranquility one post at a time, one page view at a time.  The Stoic hero accepts what is around him.  He has a tranquil mind because he recognizes that nothing is permanent, but still has a duty to himself to maintain his integrity.  The Stoic hero I envision also recognizes that each individual has a right to choose their path, even if it means misfortune for that person.  As I try to be like this hero, I can try to help as much as I can, but in the end each individual is responsible for their own destiny.

I will never forget the power of individual liberty–this is from my personal creed.

World peace, one mind at a time.  Go internet!



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