2 thoughts on “Finally, some sleep! Christmas Wishes.

  1. good night ,I got to catch up a little to now remind me why change is good ,i have to move and don’t know where to move to-so many variables only my 2 teen grandsons will be moving with us .will there be a us ? ( Jerry and I ) ,I see Jerry;s strength dwindling day by day.what can i afford and so on I know you might look at this as a life challenge and i did too when i was younger but i;m getting wore out

    • “Never say of anything, ‘I have lost it’; but, ‘I have returned it.’ Is your child dead? It is returned. Is your wife dead? She is returned. Is your estate taken away? Well, and is not that likewise? ‘But he who took it away is a bad man.’ What difference is it to you who the giver assigns to take it back? While he gives it to you to possess, take care of it; but don’t view it as your own, just as travelers view a hotel.” –Epictetus

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