More Stoic Fitness and a Tour of My Gym


I worked out this morning.  It took me 16 minutes.  It should have taken shorter, but it was a little warm and muggy.  Before I get into the workout, I have to take you on a short tour of my gym.

Yes, my gym is in my garage.  Besides the bicycles, scooters, and storage tubs are a squat rack, with a cable assembly, and some dip bars (they are removable).  My club membership fees are zero, and my commute to the gym is very nice.  But what about all that equipment cost?  Well, did I luck out or what…I found all of it for $450 on Craigslist, except for two extra 45 lb plates that I bought for, I think, $10 at a yard sale.  The plates were rusty so I had to wire brush them and spray paint them black with Rustoleum. Continue reading

Heroic Stoic Exercise


I thought I would try to give a full background on how I exercise and why, but instead I will just share what a Heroic Stoic’s exercise regimen looks like, by briefly describing how I exercise Heroically and Stoically.  Ready?  Basically, here it is:

I have an intense (every set to failure), short (less than 20 minutes) weight training session, which I perform infrequently (every 6 – 10 days).  Continue reading