Workout of the Week (WOW) 6/4/2013


Four Exercises below were each performed until failure.

  • Squat 205 lbs 1:42
  • Dips 1:05
  • Cable Pulls 110 lbs1:08
  • Military Press 55 lbs 1:16

Total workout time 12:30.  Temperature in the garage was about 78 degrees and it was humid.  It has been 25 minutes since the end of my workout and I feel significantly trashed.  All of my muscles are still shaking and I have no desire to get out of this seat.  I feel like I could take a nap right here, and yet my pulse is still beating higher than normal.  All in all, a good workout.  I’ll make sure not to eat for at least an hour from now, so naturally occurring human growth hormone (HGH) is released in my body.


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