After Signing the Acceptance Contract, What Next?


Now that I’ve made and accepted my Acceptance Contract, I am free to move on to answering other questions.  I can now tackle things that are more in my control:

  • Why don’t more people read my blog?
  • Can my message help others?
  • How can I reach a bigger audience?
  • Am I focusing on the things in my life that are important?
  • What do people need?
  • Can I provide that to them?
  • If not, what can I provide?

Probably the biggest of these questions is, “Am I focusing on the things in my life that are important?”   Well, answering this question requires me to know what is important.   To know what is important, I need to answer whether I am living a life of virtue?  If I am not, then why not?

What should I focus on?

What leads to a life of virtue? Honesty? Industry? Love? Sharing?  These are all things to be reflected on in my meditation.  I have asked these questions, and I have found that seven meditation anchors lead me to acting with virtue.  They allow me to live my life with a backdrop of ocean so that whatever figurative poison drops into my life is diluted (see Passionate Equanimity).

These seven will be revealed in turn…


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