Awareness–Right Here, Right Now


All men’s difficulties and perplexities are concerned with external things. ‘What am I to do?’ ‘How is it to be done?’ ‘How is it to turn out?’ ‘I fear this or that may befall me.’ All these phrases are used by persons occupied with matters outside their will.” Epictetus Discourses Book 4 Chapter 10.

There is a never-ending urge for us to focus on things external and things in the future.  Don’t get me wrong, we all take care of business by managing things external, we can even have personal goals to prepare and reach for the future.  But with our awareness and our right effort, we have to come back to our true self in the present moment.  Why?  Because that is where happiness is.  These are the things we can control.  Our attitude, our breath we can control.  We can control our gratefulness for our loved ones.  We can mindfully enjoy the food and drink that sustains us today.  These are just examples of simple blessings that surround you, that you can take notice of.  Awareness.

Look inward.  Be here, now.

Look inward. Be here, now.

To all of you this fine day, enjoy your now.  Fight that urge to worry about that which is out of your control.  You can only control now, you can only control within.  May you have tranquility today.


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