Waxing Philosophical on Independence Day


In general, I think we are still a people who value individual liberty, responsibility and independence.  There is still a sub-culture of people who think that they should be left alone, while trying to individually live a life of virtue.  At the same time, there is still a large contingent of people who trust that their fellow man is doing the same.  The old adage of “Trust your neighbor, lock your doors” still holds.  I guess I have faith that there is a silent overwhelming majority that truly believes that man is moral and thus must remain free of collective bondage.  Live and let live, and cooperate with those who have proven trustworthy.  For those who have not proven this, for the tiny minority of those who are intent on evil whether they are deluded or defective, other free individuals will join to correct the error…possibly banish these people, and maybe even protect and defend if necessary.

I think that many of us fail to see the truth before us.  The dogmas and ideas before us are lies, or at least approximations of the truth.  For instance, the idea of a “city on a hill” is just that…an idea, possibly an ideal, but it never should be forced upon anyone.  Not only does the end not justify the means, but such means guarantee the end will be unsatisfactory and unjust.  You and I should never be compelled to help, compelled to share, for this is the root of evil.  This compulsion implies someone else knows so much better than another, that force must be used to make one serve another according to what those with power dictate.  The journey of each person is an individual one, but because we are all connected as a species in nature, there is no need for forced cooperation.  No tyranny is necessary.  Let “you” and “me” be free to choose, and “we” will naturally cooperate through our interconnectedness.  I need you to survive.  I choose not to grow my food, generate my own power, nor distill my own water.  I certainly cannot perform heart surgery on myself or my loved ones.  However, in trade for these things I hope to grow your mind and body or save you in times of distress.  You and I shall trade so that we shall both live in peace.  We do this naturally because it makes our lives better and easier.

Liberty_Bell_2008True freedom, true liberty is internal. I may be subjected to tyranny, I may even be a slave, but this external bondage can never change my spirit, my soul as it manifests through my own rational view and philosophy.  While others may help me along the way, and still others will attempt to force their will upon me, only I can answer the question “How should I live?”

*Note: The featured image of the Liberty Bell only shows the mount.  This seems to be the most important part of liberty, the foundation the structure.  Without it the bell cannot ring.

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