Persistence, Optimism, and Reason


“I never believed that story. I thought by the time the sun was exhausted, men would find a substitute” – Hank Rearden, Objectivist Hero in Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

Within context, within reason there is nearly always a way to overcome.  That is the theme that is captured in Hank Rearden’s words above.  The optimist about man’s ability to overcome thinks that with enough perseverance and ingenuity, each of us has great potential to take on the greatest of challenges that we are faced with.

Maybe cold fusion?

Maybe cold fusion?

I am not speaking of Pollyanna optimism here, but a reasoned assessment that there ARE solutions to our problems.  Indeed, when the sun burns out, humans will likely not have a solution to fix it.  The point here is, that given enough time and thought, a solution might be possible.  Maybe in 100 or 500 years, science will have found a way to harness or generate a type of solar energy.  We do have a lot of time to figure this one out: read here.  In this respect, smaller problems may indeed have solutions if we put our minds to it.

It may be far too early for giving up on your problems, for resignation.  Look for solutions and do so tenaciously.  Be realistic, but be persistent…use your reason to solve your problems.

That’s being heroic!

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