Inner Excellence and “What Should I Pursue?”


I read a great piece today from Brian Kim.  It came in an E-mail, but I’ve added his site to the blogroll, because he gets to the heart of things rather quickly on what can be a complicated matter of happiness. If you came here direct to my post, here is the link:

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Minding your Health


Remember the Stoic Triad?  Body, Mind, Spirit?  At this point, I would like to talk about Body, about minding your health.

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos-the trees, the clouds, everything.”  Thich Nhat Hahn Continue reading

10 Things in our Control to Give our Love…and Receive Love


“So the question is not:  How can we obtain love and understanding?  The question is whether we have the capacity of generating love and understanding ourselves…true love is like that too.  Loving one person is really an opportunity to learn to love all people. If you have the capacity to love and to understand, you can do that now, you don’t have to wait.  When we succeed in this, our worry and fear go away, and we feel wonderful right away.” –Thich Nhat Hahn Answers from the Heart

Oh, the eternal questions about love (read more here).  What is love?  When will somebody love me? Continue reading

Knowledge is Good



“In regard to intellectual impressions it is generally agreed that good and evil depend upon us and not upon external things. No one calls the proposition, ‘It is day’, good, or ‘It is night’, bad, or ‘Three is four’, the greatest of evils. No, they say that knowledge is good and error evil, so that good may arise even in regard to what is false; that is, the knowledge that it is false. The same ought to be true in practical life.”  –Epictetus

Doing What You Love v. Loving What You Do (The Sequel)


We should all be so lucky to find our dream calling.  That thing that we are so called to doing that we are “self-actualized” (see Maslow’s Hierarchy; also see The Problem with Maslow).  I wonder if any of you have had a self-dialogue like I have had similar to the ones below:

“As soon as I find my calling, then I’ll be happy.  Certainly, what I am doing now certainly is not it.  I am definitely not fully satisfied doing this/being here.  I need to find my dream job/life/place to live/love/home/etc., and then I will find happiness.” YOU ARE STUCK IN A TASK THAT IS NOT YOUR LOVE.

or maybe you’re here:

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