Anchor #6: Equanimity


Equanimity:  the sixth anchor in my CUPPJEL meditation.  I have mentioned it at least twice before (here and here).  Although I am writing about equanimity sixth, it very well may be the greatest of the anchors, or the Sublime States for that matter.

Not only is equanimity a means to virtue, but it could be an end state.  Equanimity implies tranquility, which in the end is the goal of virtue, no?  Once you have it, it permeates all of your actions and thoughts.  Once equanimity courses through your veins, it fundamentally changes you!  It is a marvelous state of being that makes you a better person.

So, that’s great and all, but what is it?  Well, first of all I’ve described equanimity quite a bit in my passionate equanimity post.  In short, it is the ability to see and know existence as it is, with all of its ups and downs.  It is not to be indifferent, but rather to be aware and accepting.  However, true equanimity goes much further than that.  It is to let go of yourself, your ego.  It is to be the ultimate observer in an unselfish way.  In the end, nothing is truly yours…you are infinitely connected to every atom in existence.  You are part of this divine interconnection, you always have been and you always will be.  Someday, the atoms you are borrowing from all of existence will go off to other uses.  In fact, the the vast majority of atoms in your body now will probably not be the same ones that are in your future body.

You are a collection in the Primordial Soup

Even tomorrow, your own mind and body will be entirely different.  The cells, molecules and atoms of your body once belonged to a cow, a pig, fungus, manure, the air, a carrot, etc.  As you expel your own cells, your own composition will be used by plants, by others, by bacteria, and the rest of existence.  Even more awe-inspiring, some of those atoms will escape, and travel throughout the universe.  Others within you now, have already been to the outer reaches of space.  You are helplessly and forever part of all of existence.  There is no “you” there.  As you accept this, little things become nothing and big things that bother you become much smaller.

As a result, you can rationally and methodically see things as they are…and accept them, and be more virtuous.

Are you there?

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